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We are pleased to provide the following services to cater for your needs:

  • Agency coordinated screening, interview, shortlist of Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Direct hire - Assistance to hire your own Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Placement of Transfer Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Training courses & Workshops  
    • Training in the Care of Babies
    • Training in the Care of Elderly or Disabled
    • Training in Cooking
    • Training Lessons in Spoken English
    • General Orientation for Employment as a Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore
    • Training in Etiquette
  • Home Leave Processing
  • Application of Work Permits
  • Renewal of passports and Work Permits
  • Updating of Employers Particulars
  • Embassy endorsement
  • Cancellation of Work Permits
  • Collection of Work Permits
  • Booking and Purchasing of Flight Tickets
  • Purchasing of Banker Guarantee and Insurance for Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Repatriation of Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Arrangement of medical check up for Foreign Domestic Workers
  • Employer and Maid compatibility Feng Shui match upon request
  • Housecall for Employers (Singapore only) who prefer to view a selection of biodata's in the comfort of their own home
  • Fast and efficient processing of applications
  • Customer orientated service
  • Counselling support services
  • Guidance for New Employers seeking to hire a Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Maid biodata evaluation and career guidance
  • Inhouse Passport Photograph Imaging System
  • In house Arbitrator and Mediator for dispute resolution
  • Online Webcam Interviews
Agency License # 09C4075, Business Registration # (UEN) 200807668M
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